About WaveCast

WaveCast is a free surf forecasting service operated by Nathan Cool. Nathan founded the WaveCast service in 1995 originally as a pay-per-view service with written forecasts for California. In 1999, Nathan partnered with WetSand.com, and was able to provide his surf forecasts for free to a wider audience. WaveCast remained a trademark owned by Nathan, and the WaveCast domain remained property of Nathan Cool as well. Nathan then transformed WaveCast into a useful resource for surfers, with easy access to free public domain information, and the generation of various presentations of surf, wind, tide, water temps and more.

Nathan, a software engineer for over 30 years, has automated much of what it takes to create reliable surf forecasts. A few times a day, Nathan's WaveCast software automatically runs to gather public domain data (like GRIBs, WW3 Bul files, NWS weather conditions, and NDBC bouy data). Nathan's WaveCast software then creates surf charts, reports, wave height reports, wind charts, tide tables, and other such features found on WaveCast.com.

Using primarily public domain information, models, charts, tide graphs and more are publicly available where noted. Still, there is copyrighted material on WaveCast, including written reports, and the use of the site holds terms as well. For more information, you can check out the WaveCast terms and the privacy policy as well.

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