Wave Periods West Coast
By NOAA, see below for more on this model
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These models are provided by NOAA, made from the same data that surf sites and apps use. Just as those websites and apps can use NOAA data to make their graphics, the images produced by NOAA can be distributed freely as well (more on that here). In any case, the results are the same: either a site grabs the data and makes graphic models the way they want, or you can use the "default" images that NOAA generates using the exact same data.

At a cost, I could (and have in the past) generate more ooooh and aaaaah looking models, but at the end of the day the waves are the same — and I think you would rather surf than sit around looking at pretty looking eye candy. Still, I know how important models like these are so I'm putting them here for easy access. You can though look through many other free models that your tax dollars are paying for; afterall, if you pay a surf website or app to generate these models, then you're kinda getting taxed twice.

Here are some links to these models' origins, and other free models as well: