Donation Progress
January 4, 2022 Nathan Cool

This report is to provide transparency regarding your donations to support my SoCal surf forecast.

I'm happy to report that the donation goal for 2021 was reached:

However, this barely met the yearly goal, going just $14 over the goal for entire year, leaving very little to carry over into 2022 to get the donation goal started this year. As you may recall, the donation goal for all of 2021 was just $27,000 ($2250 per month), which is an incredibly small amount compared to the millions of dollars that some forecast sites get every year from subscriptions. The $27K per-year goal isn't enough to live on, but it allows me to keep this 25-year-plus tradition going to provide the SoCal report three times per week.

I'm keeping the donation goal the same for 2022 ($27K), despite rising costs. Carrying over the $14 overage from 2021 along with a few donations so far in January, we can see the 2022 is off to a very slow start:

With barely any carry-over from 2021 coupled with a slow start to donations kicking off 2022, now is a critical time for me to ask for your support.

As for stats: Readership stayed fairly steady in December 2021 with my WaveCast report read about 55,000 times, down slightly from 58,000 in November, which is to be expected given the month was dominated by less than favorable conditions. There were about 85,000 page views overall, down slightly from 90,000 in November. There were about 16,400 unique readers in December, down slightly from 17,400 in November. And there were about 7,600 regular readers (who read my report at least once every week), which is down slightly from 8,000 regular readers in November.

Once again, with donations off to a slow start for 2022, I would like to ask that if you haven't donated yet and you find my report useful, then please consider a donation to make sure this report will continue. You can donate any amount you'd like, and you can make it a monthly donation as well, which helps to sustain the monthly goals.

I want to once again thank all of you for continuing to read my report and visit WaveCast as well. Until next time, take care, be safe, and smile in the lineup!

Nathan Cool