Donation Progress
March 1, 2023 Nathan Cool

This report is to provide transparency regarding your donations to support my SoCal surf forecast.

Donations in February 2023 dropped, which is now starting to put the donation goal into negative territory.

So if you haven't donated yet, now would be a good time to ensure my report will be there when you need it. The entire donation goal for 2023 is just $30,000. That's an incredibly small amount compared to the millions of dollars that some forecast sites get every year from subscriptions. But what I do is not about profit — it's more than that.

For almost 30 years without ever taking a day off, I've tracked every storm across the Pacific that affected SoCal's waves and weather, which is, as you might imagine, quite an effort. But since I also want to provide something for the surf community for not just planning sessions but to keep everyone safe, I've kept the donation goal as low as I can. Still, some donation/revenue is a necessary evil to compensate for my time, which I divert away from my other self-employment endeavors.

In other words, I'm not the one keeping this report alive. You are, but only with your support. Your donations are what is allowing this report to continue. So if you haven't donated yet and you find my report useful, then I'd ask that you please provide your support with a donation today.

As for stats: my SoCal report was read about 54,000 times in February, down from 73,000 in January, which is very likely due to the recent stormy weather keeping many out of the water, which is ironic, since I have to work harder when stormy conditions need to be forecast. There were over 77,000 page views on WaveCast overall, which is down quite a bit from 105,000 in January. Readership hovered around 20,000 readers, similar to recent months. So while keeping the same number of readers, fewer visited WaveCast as often, which once again is likely due to the stormy weather and conditions as of late; however, that's when I need your support the most.

I want to thank everyone who has donated to keep this nearly 30-year report alive! If you haven't donated yet and you find my SoCal report useful, then I'd encourage you to make a donation today to make sure this report will be there when you need it.

Thank you again everyone! Until next time, take care, be safe, and smile in the lineup!

Nathan Cool