Donation Progress
April 18, 2020 Nathan Cool

This report is to provide transparency regarding your donations to support my SoCal surf forecast.

The pandemic and its effect on beach closures has impacted WaveCast in a negative way. This is to be expected as we all do what we can to recover from this health crisis. Over the last 30 days returning/regular readers dropped yet again to about 6,300 readers, down nearly 1,000 from this time last month, and down a couple thousand from the month prior. As weather turned rainy, people lost their jobs, and beaches closed, fewer people visited WaveCast, so ad revenue dropped, and fewer people signed up for donations.

Luckily though, many of you donated plenty early in the year and also with recurring, monthly donations, so we're still, for now, slightly above budget.

Yet as this curve shows, support is dropping off and starting to flatten. At the current rate, the WaveCast budget would go negative in July. Also, the number of actual donors remains to be a small fraction of the total readers:

Although only a small fraction of my readers have donated, I want to thank all of you for continuing to read my report and visit WaveCast as well. Until next time, take care, be safe, and smile in the lineup!

Nathan Cool