Donation Progress
July 1, 2022 Nathan Cool

This report is to provide transparency regarding your donations to support my SoCal surf forecast.

Unfortunately, June 2022 continued to see a drop in donations, putting the donation goal on a negative trend:

If it wasn't for a couple generous donations in June, there would have been an even bigger drop. Recurring donations have certainly helped, but donations overall have dipped the past couple of months. So as it stands right now, July will need to exceed its monthly goal just to catch up from the last two months of loss. My WaveCast report is now hitting a critical point. If this trend doesn't correct course in July, I'll have no choice but to consider a change in providing my report.

It's important now that I ask for your support. If you haven't donated yet but you find my WaveCast report useful and you want it to continue, then please consider a donation to keep this report alive. You can donate any amount you'd like, and you can make it a monthly donation as well, which helps to sustain the monthly goals.

The entire donation goal for 2022, similar to 2021, is just $27,000 ($2250 per month), which is an incredibly small amount compared to the millions of dollars that some forecast sites get every year from subscriptions. The $27K per-year goal isn't enough to live on, but it allows me to keep this 25-plus-year tradition going to provide the SoCal report three times per week.

To be able to cover recently rising costs, if donations continue to slip then I will need to consider a phase-down or revamp so that I can shift my efforts to my other work to make up the difference. It's something I don't even want to think about right now, but that could include things like stopping the email report; reporting only two instead of three days per week; increasing the number of ads on WaveCast; completely revamping WaveCast as a paid-only restricted service; or eventually bringing this to an end. I DO NOT want to pursue any of these — I just want to bring you the SoCal forecast like I have for more than 25 years. With your donations I can make that happen. Without your support, change is inevitable.

As for stats: my WaveCast report was read about 51,000 times, about 2,000 less than May. There were about 78,000 page views overall, down a bit also from May. And there were about 15,000 unique readers, also lower than May. Overall, there was a 4% drop in activity, likely due to summer vacations, dads and grads, etc. But this is a minor drop in activity compared to the nearly 20% drop in donations in June, compounded by the drop in donations in May.

For all of those who have donated, THANK YOU! I literally can't do this without you.

Until next time, take care, be safe, and smile in the lineup!

Nathan Cool