Donation Progress
October 11, 2020 Nathan Cool

This report is to provide transparency regarding your donations to support my SoCal surf forecast.

September was a disappointing month for donations with only 50% of the monthly goal achieved, pushing donations to the razor's edge:

In the first week of October donations did pick up for a few days, and I'm hoping that, with some asks this month, I can improve the goal for 2020. But that continues to be difficult since only a small fraction of readers are making donations. In September there were over 9,300 returning viewers (regular readers), yet only 648 donated this enter year; in other words 7% of readers pay for the other 93% to benefit from:

Donation goals are small. The Y axis of the graph above is the dollar amount: $25,000 for an entire year. Yep, that's it, just enough to pay for my time to issue these reports three times a week, just as I have over the past 25 years for Surfer magazine, Surfing magazine, and others. After the cutbacks from those magazines (Surfer has completely closed) I decided to keep my report going at the requests of readers like you. But I can't keep it up and balance my other work (that pays the bulk of my bills) unless I can be compensated for my time. With 9,000 readers, my asking for $25,000 a year is a mere pittance. I won't get greedy, and all I ask is that you provide me small financial support.

So if you find my report useful and you'd like to see it continue, please consider a small donation to keep it going.

Although only a small fraction of my readers have donated, I want to thank all of you for continuing to read my report and visit WaveCast as well. Until next time, take care, be safe, and smile in the lineup!

Nathan Cool