Donation Progress
April 2, 2021 Nathan Cool

This report is to provide transparency regarding your donations to support my SoCal surf forecast.

After a rocky start to March, when donation goals went negative, I'm happy to report that, after asking for support from WaveCast readers, we were able to pull out of the red and get back on track for the 2021 donation goals:

But, even though donation goals are on track, they remain on the razor's edge, barely staying afloat above the 2021 goal. As you may recall from earlier progress reports, the donation goal for 2021 is $27K, which is an incredibly small amount compared to the millions of dollars that some forecast sites get every year from subscriptions. The $27K per-year I'm asking for in 2021 is not enough to live on, but it allows me to keep this 25-year-plus tradition going while compensating me for my time to provide the SoCal report three times per week — while covering a few admin costs, including the newly revamped NOAA data, that required a fair amount of backend IT work on my part, including a redo of the WaveCast site to accommodate the now-longer range surf charts generated here on WaveCast.

Readership on WaveCast dropped in February and March, which is fairly typical during spring's wind-swell season, where fewer surfers care to read how crappy conditions are :) In fact, readership dropped from 9,000 "regular" readers in January to 7,500 "regular" readers by the beginning of March (I only count those that read my report at least once a week). My WaveCast report was read about 48,000 times in February, down from 65,000 in January. But, March started to pick up with 49,250 reads, and rising. Once again, a somewhat expected dip that happens each spring. Once we get into cleaner surf, and southern hemi ground swells start firing, readership is expected to increase, and donations will hopefully follow suit.

Total donors since taking subscriptions in 2020 are up slightly to a total of 908 donors so far. It's still a fraction though of total, regular readers, even in this slower month:

So if you haven't donated yet and you find my report useful, then I'd kindly ask that you consider a donation to make sure this report will continue.

I want to once again thank all of you for continuing to read my report and visit WaveCast as well. Until next time, take care, be safe, and smile in the lineup!

Nathan Cool