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Report Date: 8/8/2017
By Nathan Cool
© All Rights Reserved

Remnant southern hemi ground swell continues today but an increase is on the way later today through Thursday the 10th, thanks to a moderate storm that spun up south of French Polynesia last week. This should be enough to put south facing breaks in head high sets by Wednesday the 9th, peaking Thursday the 10th, and then backing down Friday the 11th into Saturday the 12th.

Sunday the 13th should see southern hemi swell build from a storm that has been swirling to the southwest of Chile. This is a large storm but hasn't moved northward much, throwing though a decent amount of swell at Costa Rica from 180-190°. If not for Galapagos Island blockage, this would be a hefty swell, but for Costa Rica this is likely to run 2-4' overhead. Puerto Escondido, which can work a storm like this better would be much bigger, but for Costa Rica getting to DOH would be tough. Still, but Monday the 14th south facing breaks in Costa Rica should see sets running 2-4' overhead.

This swell is then expected to back off by Thursday the 17th. We may see some head high swell come in around that time from some French Polynesian activity on the 72h+ models. Still a bit early though to make that call today.

Swell Charts

Southerly Swell (face height, feet)

WNW Swell (face height, feet)